Macbook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade


          This site will show how I upgraded a Macbook Pro’s hard drive. The drive which came with the laptop was an 80GB hard drive. The replacement drive was a 500GB 7200 RPM drive.

DISCLAIMER: Perform actions described at your own risk. This worked for me, it may not necessarily work for your specific computer


How to upgrade a MacBook Pro’s Hard Drive

List of Pages:

(Screw List) (Tools Used) (MacBookPro) (Step 1. Long Screws) (Step 2. Battery Compartment) (Step 3. RAM Compartment) (Step 4. Battery Compartment Screws) (Step 5. Laptop Right Side) (Step 6. Laptop Left Side) (Step 7. Laptop Rear) (Step 8. Lift The Keyboard) (Step 9. Exposed Laptop) (Step 10. Keyboard Held Up) (Step 11. Ribbon Removal) (Step 12. Tape Removal) (Step 13. Replacement Drive) (Step 14. Reverse Steps)